Bea on ice.

With a short amount of daylight left on a wonderfully warm winter day, Bea decided that this was to be the day she tried ice skating. So to the lake we went. Lucy was excited to get back out on the lake, and Bea was so glad to be out there she had a hard time focusing. She fell a lot, held on to me and Lucy, and had a blast. After 45 minutes, we called it a day when Bea’s head met the ice (she was fine), and the sun started over the bluff.

On our way out, Lucy said to Bea “Looks like you have a new hobby, Bea!”. Cute.

IMG_20150118_153718 IMG_20150118_154001

IMG_20150118_154455 IMG_20150118_155632

IMG_20150118_155950 IMG_20150118_160333


Mom’s birthday weekend family retreat

For Jamie’s birthday this year, I thought it’d be fun to spend a couple of days out of town. So we got a hotel room at our favorite place and spent two full days up in the Twin Cities doing fun things like going to Como Zoo and park, goofing off at our hotel, swimming, being lazy, eating junk food, and spending a day at the Mall of America so the girls could get their fill of amusement park rides and sights. We had a great time, and Lucy and Bea came away with pierced ears! Here’s some photos.


At Como park. Our first time there. The kids had a blast with the rides and watching the animals.

IMG_0003 IMG_0005


IMG_20140823_130426 IMG_20140823_133220

After hotel check in, we went to get some dinner. Bea needed some alone time.


Lucy enjoying a sip and snack during hotel happy hour.


Tablet time. Working together sweetly before some pool time.

IMG_20140823_190157 IMG_20140823_192444

In the morning, straight to the mall. The first thing they see?

IMG_20140824_102748 IMG_20140824_112035


Lucy finds a friend.


While Lucy and Mom were off riding roller coasters, Bea made me spend near an hour in the shop looking at these. Even made me take pictures of them (and print them out).


She didn’t know what she was in for when she decided she wanted to meet Spongebob. And Patrick.


Bea and I about to go on the carousel.


Nervous anticipation of ear piercing led to tears. But she was brave.

IMG_20140824_153753 IMG_20140824_153859

See? Not so bad, Dad.


Then Bea decided she wanted to get hers done, and hopped up in the chair. Photos end right before impact. Many tears from Bea, but by the time we were halfway home, both girls were admiring each other’s earrings.

IMG_20140824_154614 IMG_20140824_154702

Our Fourth Of July

We had a busy and full fourth, like many. We were lucky enough to have Jamie’s parents arrive (her dad could only stay for the weekend, but mom is staying for the summer), and my sister Dawn came out for a long weekend too. We celebrated by heading out to Suncrest for pizza and some small fireworks before bed. Dawn was kind enough to lend her photography skills, and these photos were all taken by her. Fun, long weekend!


Bea fell asleep on the way in, so she had to be carried in.


Awake, and waiting for food!


Sweet Lucy


Those eyes, that baby face!


Bea-ing wild.




The girls got over their fear of the crackling sparklers very fast.


A little help from Mom.




Pops got in on the action, too!




Watching the rockets.


The girls, Mom, and Nana.


“All done??”


Happy Bea-Day, now she’s 4!

Bea turned 4 years old this past Saturday! Our solstice baby says “I don’t feel like I’m 4”. It’ll happen, Bea.
We had a nice, small party for her, and she had a wonderful time. There was a cake, cupcakes, lemonade, and a pinata. She was grateful to receive some great new toys from her friends, and there was even a bubble machine!
Chloe stayed around for a while, so she had, in her words “A birthday party AND a playdate!”. Bea was definitely pleased. Here are some photos from the grand affair.

IMG_20140621_111949 IMG_20140621_112024 IMG_20140621_112137 IMG_20140621_112201 IMG_20140621_112315 IMG_20140621_112558 IMG_20140621_114737 IMG_20140621_114748 IMG_20140621_114943

IMG_20140621_115215 IMG_20140621_121041  IMG_20140621_130528


Sunday morning led us out to Whitewater state park for a picnic lunch and some beach play. An oncoming storm eventually chased us off, but not before the girls could get some good play time in. Bea loves the beach!

IMG_1420 IMG_1421 IMG_1426 IMG_1428 IMG_1431 IMG_1436 IMG_1452 IMG_1453

Zip line fun

This week the girls have day camp at Camp Wenonah. Yesterday was the open house, so we went down and checked it out. Of course, the zip line was the first thing they wanted to do. So we got in line, and Lucy and Gussie nominated Bea to go first. No problem!
The girls enjoyed their ride, and after that they worked on rope swinging, balancing on ropes and logs, and a hike to a frog pond. I’m sure they’ll have a great week.

This is Lucy, first grader!

Lucy bridged into first grade today! She’s been excited for months. Yes, months. Bea watched from the front with the rest of the preschoolers, and was very excited for big sister.
The ceremony was sweet, with each child getting praise from their teacher before making their trip across the bridge. I can’t believe she’s a first grader, or that Molly is now a high school senior! Time flies.

Opening songs, and Lucy getting called up by her teacher, Miss Anna.
IMG_1368 IMG_1379

Crossing the bridge! And a little silliness.
IMG_1383 IMG_1389

Post-bridging flowers from mom, and a cupcake.
IMG_1393 IMG_1396

After wiping her face of frosting, she posed at the bridge.
IMG_1399 IMG_1403

Friends! And a nice photo of Lucy and Anna on the bridge.
IMG_1408 IMG_1409

Sisters pose for a photo before heading home. Cute!

Spring is finally here!

And that’s a good thing. It was a long, difficult winter for the girls, and we’re thankful it’s done.

Our first really nice weekend, and the girls took full advantage. Even little Bea, the home-body, took delight in scampering about. Aside from the glorious close-up of Lucy’s sweet freckled face, these photos were all taken over the past two days.

THIS face.


Mom’s second to last weekend out of town for grad school (YAY!). So we went to the Children’s Museum. We got there a little early, so off to the co-op for a baked treat.


Some neat Blue Man Group stuff at the museum, making great noises.


Bea’s reaction to having to wait her turn to use the bathroom (as well as the museum library being inaccessible).


Dinosaur rubbings!


Lucy continues to enjoy the climbing wall, and we all cheer her on.


On our way out, they finally got the tutus they have wanted. The made a good case for the purchase.


The bikes are out!


Lucy and neighbor friend Grace on their bikes. Bea refuses to ride her bike. Or wear shoes. OK, Bea.


Foraging pinecones, after her third dress change of the day.


A neighborhood friend appears.


Excited about something!


Starting to wear down a bit. But not much.


“This tree is just too big to climb”. They then had a discussion on whether this could be Totoro’s tree.


Happy Birthday, Lucy!

Lucy turned SIX today! She was very excited for the big day. She woke up bright and early, ran downstairs, and immediately opened gifts from her grandparents, which she loved. Mom set up a super fun party at Kidsport, so the kids could play on the gymnastics equipment before settling in for cake and lemonade. She gave me specific instructions for the cake: Heart shaped, white frosting, rainbow cake, sparkles, and ice skating princesses. The result met her demands. Many of her favorite friends came, as well as sisters Bea and Molly. Bea did well considering she was green with envy all day, wishing it was June 21. Lucy went to bed exhausted and happy.
Thanks to all the kids who came and celebrated with us!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, hopefully I won’t slack so much on this page in 2014!
The cake!
All of them, gathered around for instruction by the great kid wrangler.
All lined up!
Bea, out of line.
Sweet little face.
Pineapple Upside Down Bea.
The foam pit was a big hit.
Arie, handsome little guy.
Ada, what a sweetheart.
The neighbor boys, Kaia, Grace, and L. Having a lot of fun.
Bea, excited for cake. Bea loves cake.
Singing happy birthday!
The head of the table, awaiting her slice.
Kaia, digging in.
Sisters, opening presents.
Shoes from Ella were very exciting!
Old cronies.
Lucy, with another fun new book!
Very pleased and thankful.
Ada made Lucy some shrinky dinks!
Party’s over! See you soon!

Nice day for a drive

A cold, but sunny day with nowhere to be led me to drag the girls down to the Children’s Museum. The idea being that it would wear the kids out enough so that mom and dad could settle in for a movie night. And Beatrice needed to run, and Lucy needed to climb. And climb she did! She was on that wall for a good half hour, while Bea and I cheered her on and played with the river and boats. This place will undoubtedly help with the oncoming long winter and active girls who get bored of being at home.


IMG_20131124_131037 IMG_20131124_134924 IMG_20131124_141405 IMG_20131124_133726 IMG_20131124_141449 IMG_20131124_141503 IMG_20131124_141517 IMG_20131124_141915 IMG_20131124_141951 IMG_20131124_142326 IMG_20131124_142501 IMG_20131124_143646 IMG_20131124_144037 IMG_20131124_144226

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Fall took a break, and winter stepped in. With temperatures under 20 degrees at night, it’s been chilly! Halloween is done, and the girls are already talking about Christmas. Soon enough.

Halloween fun! The girls were witches, though Bea was more a witch/Minnie Mouse hybrid:
IMG_20131028_165141 IMG_20131031_174143 IMG_20131031_173553

Getting dressed up for the drive to the Children’s Museum, which will undoubtedly save some sanity during this colder months, and when Mom is working and schooling.
IMG_20131102_092026 IMG_20131102_092019

Every year the girls look forward to the fun “Flippin’ for books” event at the high school. Books, pancakes, crafts, and play. What else do you need? This year we brought Chloe along!
IMG_20131109_093704 IMG_20131109_094436

Sunday was a nice day, and the girls were driving us a little batty, so we went for a nice fall hike. Lucy spent most of her time climbing downed trees, and Bea spent most of her time whining and asking to be carried.
IMG_20131110_125648 IMG_20131110_125431 IMG_20131110_125117 IMG_20131110_124445 IMG_20131110_123411

And some couch cuddles in between sibling rivalries.