Nice day for a drive

A cold, but sunny day with nowhere to be led me to drag the girls down to the Children’s Museum. The idea being that it would wear the kids out enough so that mom and dad could settle in for a movie night. And Beatrice needed to run, and Lucy needed to climb. And climb she did! She was on that wall for a good half hour, while Bea and I cheered her on and played with the river and boats. This place will undoubtedly help with the oncoming long winter and active girls who get bored of being at home.


IMG_20131124_131037 IMG_20131124_134924 IMG_20131124_141405 IMG_20131124_133726 IMG_20131124_141449 IMG_20131124_141503 IMG_20131124_141517 IMG_20131124_141915 IMG_20131124_141951 IMG_20131124_142326 IMG_20131124_142501 IMG_20131124_143646 IMG_20131124_144037 IMG_20131124_144226

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