This is Lucy, first grader!

Lucy bridged into first grade today! She’s been excited for months. Yes, months. Bea watched from the front with the rest of the preschoolers, and was very excited for big sister.
The ceremony was sweet, with each child getting praise from their teacher before making their trip across the bridge. I can’t believe she’s a first grader, or that Molly is now a high school senior! Time flies.

Opening songs, and Lucy getting called up by her teacher, Miss Anna.
IMG_1368 IMG_1379

Crossing the bridge! And a little silliness.
IMG_1383 IMG_1389

Post-bridging flowers from mom, and a cupcake.
IMG_1393 IMG_1396

After wiping her face of frosting, she posed at the bridge.
IMG_1399 IMG_1403

Friends! And a nice photo of Lucy and Anna on the bridge.
IMG_1408 IMG_1409

Sisters pose for a photo before heading home. Cute!

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