Mom’s birthday weekend family retreat

For Jamie’s birthday this year, I thought it’d be fun to spend a couple of days out of town. So we got a hotel room at our favorite place and spent two full days up in the Twin Cities doing fun things like going to Como Zoo and park, goofing off at our hotel, swimming, being lazy, eating junk food, and spending a day at the Mall of America so the girls could get their fill of amusement park rides and sights. We had a great time, and Lucy and Bea came away with pierced ears! Here’s some photos.


At Como park. Our first time there. The kids had a blast with the rides and watching the animals.

IMG_0003 IMG_0005


IMG_20140823_130426 IMG_20140823_133220

After hotel check in, we went to get some dinner. Bea needed some alone time.


Lucy enjoying a sip and snack during hotel happy hour.


Tablet time. Working together sweetly before some pool time.

IMG_20140823_190157 IMG_20140823_192444

In the morning, straight to the mall. The first thing they see?

IMG_20140824_102748 IMG_20140824_112035


Lucy finds a friend.


While Lucy and Mom were off riding roller coasters, Bea made me spend near an hour in the shop looking at these. Even made me take pictures of them (and print them out).


She didn’t know what she was in for when she decided she wanted to meet Spongebob. And Patrick.


Bea and I about to go on the carousel.


Nervous anticipation of ear piercing led to tears. But she was brave.

IMG_20140824_153753 IMG_20140824_153859

See? Not so bad, Dad.


Then Bea decided she wanted to get hers done, and hopped up in the chair. Photos end right before impact. Many tears from Bea, but by the time we were halfway home, both girls were admiring each other’s earrings.

IMG_20140824_154614 IMG_20140824_154702

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