Bea on ice.

With a short amount of daylight left on a wonderfully warm winter day, Bea decided that this was to be the day she tried ice skating. So to the lake we went. Lucy was excited to get back out on the lake, and Bea was so glad to be out there she had a hard time focusing. She fell a lot, held on to me and Lucy, and had a blast. After 45 minutes, we called it a day when Bea’s head met the ice (she was fine), and the sun started over the bluff.

On our way out, Lucy said to Bea “Looks like you have a new hobby, Bea!”. Cute.

IMG_20150118_153718 IMG_20150118_154001

IMG_20150118_154455 IMG_20150118_155632

IMG_20150118_155950 IMG_20150118_160333


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