Fall is here! Here’s the first batch of photos. More coming later in the week.

The first day of fall! A birthday party, a farm dinner, and some flower picking!


A back to school cookout at Bluffview. The girls got to eat, play, and play. Shadow fun!

IMG_20130924_170720 IMG_20130924_173439 IMG_20130924_175529

Baby Lola loves Lucy. Look at the smile!


Happy birthday, Dad! Mom from NJ, and sister April from Seattle surprised me for a visit. Too cool!


Molly makes fairy houses with the sisters. Too cute, and too sweet.


Bea on the swing, being adorable.


Our first canoe ride with the girls. Lucy loved it. Bea, not so much. Molly and April were off in their own kayaks.

photo IMG_20130929_164006

IMG_20130929_161519 IMG_20130929_163201

Two girls, slightly under the weather after all the excitement, cuddling up on the couch.


Family art day!

Something we always look forward to is the big family art day down by lake park. We got there right at 10, and stayed for an hour and a half until we couldn’t put up with Bea’s whining about wanting to go home. But in that time, we blew giant bubbles, made fish prints, did pottery, water painting, and mural painting. Check ’em out!

IMG_20130907_102154 IMG_20130907_102156 IMG_20130907_102159 IMG_20130907_103044 IMG_20130907_103106 IMG_20130907_103108 IMG_20130907_103114 IMG_20130907_103223 IMG_20130907_103321 IMG_20130907_103603 IMG_20130907_103607 IMG_20130907_104344 IMG_20130907_104420 IMG_20130907_104452

It’s starting to feel like fall around here! While summer will make its final return, we’ve been treated to cool, dry evenings and crisp mornings. Which brings school season! While poor Molly had to start school a couple of weeks ago (a junior in high school!), Lucy started kindergarten yesterday, and Bea started all-day preschool two doors down from big sister. Both girls did great, and came home exhausted. This weekend, mom starts her school schedule for her third year of her masters, and also started her out of town internship. Crazy, busy times for our brood.

Here are a couple of sweeties being sweet:

IMG_20130831_220215 IMG_20130829_092644

Checking out the beautiful “American Queen”. Lucy said it was like “a boat, hotel, and castle!”


The late summer heat roasted my hops, but Lucy saw a great opportunity.


Sister goofiness.


Here’s sweet baby Lola. Baby sister of Bea’s bestfriendchloe. Bea absolutely loves her.


On Labor day we took a day trip up to farmer’s park and met up with some friends. Lucy decided to wear my hat.


Lucy, minus two teeth, has recently turned into a beautiful young lady.

IMG_0953 IMG_0965

And more pictures of that pretty little Lola!

IMG_0959  IMG_0972

With the school year starting, one of the things the girls need is a family photo to share with the class. Seeing as how this was the last weekend that Nana and Pops were with us, we thought we’d just get a bunch of pictures and choose from the best.

Hilarity ensued, as well as some tears, accusations, and a lot of cuteness.


This reminds me of when Molly was small and forgot how to properly smile sometimes. It’s a kid thing. And still pretty.


Bea is sweet regardless of her facial expression of demeanor.


This one would have been cute, BEA!



This one is probably the one we’ll use, once I tame the sun



A Beatrice photobomb!



Cute, though.

IMG_0886 IMG_0888


A sweet photo of Lucy and Mom.



This sums up our family well.



Bea and Nana.



Sweet, sweet things.



Lucy long legs.



More family photo attempts.






One more nice one of Lucy and Mom.


Looking into August

Been a couple of weeks, so time for some new photos! Busy kids!

Bea appreciates staying cool under trees. She was ‘hiding’.


The girls working on their tandem swing idea.

IMG_20130713_172331 IMG_20130713_172336

Some twilight shenanigans with Mort and Moxie.


Working on ‘the spinny thing’ at the park.


Bea, Gussie, Lydia, and Lucy. What a great little gang.


Lucy taking over Dad’s part of the basement for some downtime.


Bea and one of the witch hats Lucy scored at a garage sale. They both plan on being witches for Halloween.


Sidewalk chalk and black caps = messy faces and happy kids.

IMG_20130723_190351 IMG_20130723_190419

Brought Lucy early to the company picnic to ‘help’. She was so excited to play and bounce.


Bea taking a break from bouncing, eating, and running at the picnic. Kitties!

IMG_20130727_122701 IMG_20130727_122704

Molly was in the local production of “Hairspray”. And she was great, naturally. She’s one talented gal!



Some photos from our week:

The girls at the bandshell during a weeknight park visit.


This is something to see. Lucy went in to help Bea settle down and decided to conk out next to her. Sweet.


After waiting out a quick but potent rainstorm in the barn, the sun came out and pizza night was on! Bea had wild hair from the moisture!



While I was brewing, Lucy took up roost on the hood of the car, brought some friends and had some lunch.

IMG_20130630_112644 IMG_0718

Lucy took a selfie! I let her play with my phone camera while I finished brewing.


After a trip to the pool, we cleaned up and headed over to WSU to watch Charlie Parr, one of my favorites. The girls like him, too! Of course, when you’re 3 and 5, that can only entertain you so long, so a quick dinner was had, and then the girls went to play around the grounds for a bit. Since Lucy was busy playing in the fountain and chasing new friends, I took some Bea pictures.

IMG_0721 IMG_0723 IMG_0729 IMG_0734 IMG_0737

Work when we play

Exciting times for little Bea! In addition to turning 3 in just 10 days (!!), she joins Lucy at Bluffview for summer school, then preschool in the fall, while Lucy starts kindergarten. Also, the girls are taking swim lessons, this time Bea gets in on the action! So fun and cute. Here’s what we did last week…at least, some of it.

Park play is serious business. A dinner date at ‘the purple dinosaur park’.

An afternoon stop at Lucy’s favorite park. Too bad she wouldn’t let me take her picture here!
IMG_0587 IMG_0590
Bea found a ‘hidden’ tractor out at Suncrest during another fun pizza night.

Then the next morning, helped me pick out an apple tree and get some coffee.

A rainy Sunday morning led us to the Children’s museum. But they didn’t open until noon, so a stop at the mall was in order. Photo booth!

Then, time to play.
IMG_0609 IMG_0604 IMG_0603 IMG_0602 IMG_0605 IMG_0608

At the end of it all, someone was pretty worn out. Bea was tired, too.

Busy business.

What a busy, exhausting, exciting week! It started with visits from Uncle Jer and Uncle Rick, who had a great time with the girls. We wish they could have stayed longer, but it’s great to spend whatever time we can with them. On Friday, we made our first trip to Suncrest of the year, and the girls enjoyed a cool evening of play on the farm. From there we had a way too short visit from Jamie’s best friend from high school, Chris, and her old friend Kirsten. Chris made his way into Lucy and Bea’s hearts early by bringing them candy. Smart man!
Then we had a wonderful outdoor bbq at our friends Mike and Diane’s house, and the girls got to see some of their favorite little friends for an afternoon/evening of eating and scampering. Late that night, Nana and Pops arrived! We went over on Sunday morning and greeted them as soon as we could all pull ourselves together. The girls were so happy to see them!
Finally, Jamie took the girls to LARK while I brewed, then afterwards there was lunch, and Lucy got to go over to Nana and Pops’ house until dinnertime. It was a wild afternoon/evening, due to overtired children. We have another full day with Pops before he has to go back to work, but he’ll be back soon!

Taking Lucy fishing is always fun, and she enjoys the Dad time. Also, the girls have a new favorite climbing tree.

IMG_0527 (Custom) 2013-05-20-17-47-54-837

Mom and girls, posing at a local statue. Local statues are great to have.

IMG_20130521_183631 IMG_20130521_183700
Uncles Jer and Rick came for a visit! The girls LOVE them.

IMG_20130522_153614 IMG_20130522_153556

Pizza farm!!!
IMG_0573 (Custom) IMG_0563 (Custom)

IMG_0550 (Custom) IMG_0549 (Custom)


And Bea. Walking. Being cute. Laying in a hammock.

IMG_20130522_094520 IMG_0533 (Custom) IMG_20130525_181119